April 27, 2005




To Whom It May Concern:


I am honored to take this opportunity to discuss the exceptional qualities and outstanding executive placement services provided by Joe Buonassissi whom I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with, placing candidates for me at FutureCall and S.R. Teleperformance for the past eight years, where I held posts as Vice President of Sales.  I continue today to leverage Joe’s recruiting expertise and vast contact center industry knowledge at West. 


While this letter will demonstrate Joe’s professionalism and code of ethics, Mr. Buonassissi’s talents stretch well beyond the commerce of executive recruiting.  Joe sets the bar for others by his thoroughness in understanding the assignment and the personal investment he makes in understanding his client’s needs as well as getting to know candidates before he engages any plan of action.  Each party thoroughly understands the mission and each others objectives before anything is commenced.  Joe’s pre and post placement preparation and execution skills are unique unto himself as I would associate his style to more of a ‘coach’ or a ‘consigliore’ than a recruiter.  One example of this is and what made me immediately take notice of Joe was his willingness to better understand my business and how my service offering was unique from that of my competitors.  By doing this, Joe has put the right candidate in the right role for me, every time.


Joe’s conduct and professionalism are extremely rare and I hope that you will take immediate action and utilize his services for any executive search needs that you might have.  Joe will go the extra mile for you because he is willing to make the investment with each client and understanding your needs first.  In a crowed field Joe Buonassissi stands out. 


If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate contacting me directly at (402) 963-1314.


Best regards,



Chuck Keathley

Director of Sales

West Corporation





Hello Joe,


After my conversation with you I told my wife I have never worked with a recruiter with the skills that you possess. I can speak with some authority on this subject when I have spoken to dozens of them when I have tried to hire sales personnel in the past.  Where have you been?


As indicated I have used the same format but have made some changes from the information you provided me. Per our discussion, I have not done this for some time & I included no hyperbole in the document. I respect the fact you are a professional so feel free to be critical. It will not hurt my feelings. I look at it as you are looking out for the both of us. I also have excellent personnel reviews for the last few years. Willing to provide W2's & I have excellent references from previous clients & associates.

Again thank you for your time, interest & consideration.




September 3, 2004


To Whom It May Concern:


I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Joe Buonassissi.  I have worked with Joe since early 2000, as the Chief Operating Officer for I-Sky and had no prior experience or knowledge of Joe prior to that time.  I continue to work with Joe because of the high degree of integrity and the uncompromising values he places in our relationship as well as the relations he forges with the individuals he recommends for placement.  Joe always will do what is right for every party and has demonstrated extreme flexibility, creativity, and common sense in helping match the right talents for key positions.


Each and every person Joe has placed with me has excelled and exceeded our company’s expectations.  It is because of these values and track record that I continue to use Joe and can highly recommend that you give him an opportunity to prove his talents and value; I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.


Please feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance, 703-788-5566.


Best regards,




Raymond Zukowski

Senior Vice President of Operations